Blossum Bellies


LUNCHES to fuel your KIDS BODY and MIND

At Blossum Catering, we focus on nourishing foods that will fuel your child's body and mind. We are passionate about quality produce and nutrition, where we pack in as many nutrients as we can to your child's meal for them to grow big, strong and healthy. Our base sauces include 5-7 vegetables, that are slow cooked together to create the perfect wholesome balance to your child's meal (without them even knowing). Increasing nutrition and flavour straight to your child's bellie. A child's diet should consist of a variety of foods and nutrients. 

Blossum Catering have a customised approach to working with school canteens. A collaborative partnership. We take our food SERIOUSLY. We can specifically create a menu, just for your school, highlighting current themes, trends or topics of interest that we can incorporate together with food, add FUN back to your child's school meal experience.

Let Blossum Bellies take care of feeding your school's children so they can BLOSSUM in every way possible within your schooling framework.

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School Fundraising


As part of Blossum Catering Community Projects, we are teaming up with primary schools, daycares, playgroups and early learning centres to help fundraise for that school.

It works like this; we partner up with a your school for a period of time, and every time a family from your school orders from BLOSSUM, 20% of the profits from that order go directly back to your school fundraising project.

If your school is an approved Blossum partner, we can set up a specific account code so sales and orders can be tracked and separated. That way we can ensure the correct donation goes directly to your school or community.

All you have to do is eat and watch your school blossum! Let us help you!

Get in touch with us directly, to discuss this in further detail. Email