Frequently Asked Questions


Home Cooked Meals


Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum order. We accept order big and small!

Do you deliver?
We do! View our delivery options here.

Are the Home Cooked Meals family friendly? 
Meals are designed for the family to share and are kid friendly. Sauce bases include vegetables that are slow cooked and blended together to optimise nutrition and flavour for everyone to enjoy.

Are your baked good fresh?
All our meals are made to order and are based on homestyle traditional recipes that are comforting and moreish to eat. This includes everything from our home cooked meals to our cakes and other sweets.

How do I heat the meals? 
The meals are oven/microwave safe, so you can heat using either method.

Are meals freezer safe?
Yes the meals are in freezer friendly packaging and can last up to 3 months in the freezer. Defrost and reheat to consume.

All requests are welcome.

Event Catering:

Do you customise event catering? 
Yep! Feel free to get in touch with us directly for a customised catering quote so we can tailor a package and help your event blossum.

Are these menus flexible? If we wanted to make some changes to either the grazing boards or dessert tables, is that possible?
Definitely! Get in touch and we can discuss with you in detail.

When can I expect my order?
At checkout select your chosen delivery day that aligns with our delivery days.

What can you cater for?
From morning tea with the family to dessert tables at your wedding and everything in between, we specialise in curating a menu to suit you.

Do you cater for larger events?
Yes! And we would love to curate a menu for you.

Do you cater for those with allergies?
We offer a small range of gluten free, nut free and dairy free products, although we cannot guarantee there are no traces of these in our foods. Just make sure you let us know if there are any dietary requirements we need to be wary of. We also cater for vegans and vegetarians.

Are your goods baked fresh?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in baking all dishes -- big and small -- fresh using the best seasonal produce we can source.

Is the equipment you deliver disposable?
If required, we can deliver disposable trays or boxes.

Do you supply any other crockery/dishware?
Grazing tables and platters are set up on our boards (if required). For larger events, styling of the tables and food may be required, but we will liaise with the client directly about this.

Serving platters can be arranged for hire.

No cutlery or linen provided.

Can I mix and match savoury and sweet food for events?
We encourage it! We will work with you to provide the perfect package for your event as required.