Blossum Christmas

We have partnered with 100 HamptonRoad. They are some of the most vulnerable in Western Australia: many just out of periods of significant crisis or having time spent living on the streets. The lodging house offers entry-level accommodation, a single room and shared kitchen, bathrooms and laundry facilities providing a safe space for people to get their lives back on track and start building a brighter future. Blossum Catering had the privilege of helping out and cooking a Christmas lunch and the experience was magical! 

If you wish to volunteer your time with us, please send us an email to as we will be getting involved in many more community projects.


Through serious illness, injury or death of a loved one, Legacy supports our Defence Force families. They currently care for around 80,000 widows, 1,500 children, and disabled dependants throughout Australia.

Blossum are collaborating with Legacy as an ongoing Corporate Partner. A percentage of profits will be donated to Legacy every quarter. Together, we can help support Defence Force families in Western Australia. If you wish to contribute or provide a donation with your order, please highlight Legacy in the drop down menu when checking out and the donation will go directly to Legacy.

Gift Vouchers

We allocate a number of Blossum gift vouchers every quarter for communities, organisations, fundraisers or sponsors. Please get in touch if you would like to be considered.


If you have a charity, fundraiser or campaign that we can help with, contact us directly.

Food Fundraising

At Blossum Catering, we focus on providing nourishing wholesome meals and bakes, that will fuel your community and help it achieve its desired financial goals.