Roses are red, doughnuts are delicious...

Newsflash… I am not much of a romantic. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is the love of my life, the most gorgeous and caring man I could ever ask for (hubby if you're reading this please don't forget to take out the bins this week).

But my idea of a romantic gesture is Steve helping me with the dishes or chatting to me while I do the ironing. It’s the simple things.

So, with that said, I would like to propose to you all a different kind of gesture to celebrate V-Day this year.

Buy local.

Share your love (and by love I mean money) with local producers and retailers. Locally owned and run small businesses need local support. It is often cheaper to go to a big retailer, but when we buy from the independent down the street whose children attend the local school, your money stays in the area.

I understand big corporations like Kmart employ our teenagers which creates jobs and boosts our economy as well as providing extremely well priced (and luxe) homewares! Our economy needs the big guys, but it also needs the little guys.

Beautiful crafted goods, one off pieces, made by hand and with love. Business ideas and concepts that started in our friend's kitchens, living rooms and garages. Nothing beats buying a product direct from the hands of the person who made it.

So this week when you are buying flowers for your loved ones, buy from a local retailer, a local community member who started a business from scratch and who puts their heart and soul into their products.

To help you out I’ve posted a few links below. Check them out, or print this out and stick it on the fridge, bathroom mirror, steering wheel or bedroom door of your Valentine….. as a (not-so-very) subtle hint!

May your roses be red this Valentine’s Day
Love always, Blossum Catering x