Feeding a Family

No pressure Mum!!

Simply provide a nutritious meal every night, for children and adults to enjoy. Of course, a bit of variety is also a good thing, and don’t forget….it has to be cost effective.

No pressure, right?!

I hope I’m not alone with this predicament. As much as I love to cook, being responsible for putting dinner on the table 365 days of the year does get a little tedious. The joy of cooking can be easily lost with homework, after school activities, washing, work and walking the dog. Sometimes, I am happy with a piece of toast with a cup of tea. But 3 children, 3 students and a husband don’t allow for such luxury.

The balance between convenience and nutritious dinners plays out most nights of the week. Sure I would love to simply get take away or buy a ready-made meal from the supermarket, but how nutritious are they, and how cost effective?  I am notoriously frugal (other words are often used to describe my money management, tight arse, scrooge….)

As Mums, decisions about the little people in our charge are constant.  We choose how to dress them (mostly), where they should go to school, what holidays we go on together, what movies they watch, what time they go to bed, who they hang out with.

What we feed them is top of the list. If you ask my boys they would happily eat McDonalds and pizza every night, hence why I don’t ask them!

With a tight budget, I often turn to cheaper meat cuts and slow cook. Add heaps of veggies, they break down over the cooking time, out of sight out of mind, include a basic carb like steamed rice. Big tick for wholesome, nutritious and delicious! Tray bakes are another tried and tested classic. Chicken drumsticks are a cheap option, chunky veg, good quality chicken stock, roasted in one tray, dinner practically makes itself.

Since returning to work a year ago, the nightly dinner scramble has escalated to epic levels.

Gone are the days when dinner was cooked at lunchtime, so I could wrangle the kids through the bath routine on my own while I simply re-heated it in the oven. Our 3pm park time wasn’t rushed so I could go home and cook dinner, making sure the kids were tired and pliable come 5pm. A time when most young children turn into devils, who knows why, but casually mention ‘witching hour’ to a parent of toddlers and you will get a knowing grimace.

Currently, rather than being prepared with meal options, pre-cooked frozen dinners or even freshly purchased groceries; I am scraping through the contents of the fridge, wondering if I can make a solid meal from 1kg of carrots and not much else. 30 minute meals are on the cards, Steve is doing a lot of barbequing, no matter the weather! And for the first time in my parenting career I am looking at ready-made meals.

I have discovered the following:

  • In the red corner we have delicious and expensive.
  • In the blue corner we have factory produced, void of many nutrients and full of preservatives; yet the cheaper option.
  • The judge (me) is undecided, the children are hungry and time is running out.

We have tried both. The judge is still undecided.

I honestly think that if I am having this problem, other Mum’s must be too?

Blossum has produced a small range of family sized meals, ordered online and delivered to your door. Approximate cost per serve $6. Handmade, fresh, delicious, and nutritious.

I hope to make a few Mums lives a little easier, help with those everyday choices that we make for our families. So we can enjoy a few more little things every day because the days may be long, but the years are short.

Emily Randall