A happy home filled with love

Being a mum is a huge job - in many ways! It is consuming, exhausting and at times, frustrating too. 

From nurturing a baby, to watching as they become a toddler, then young children going off to school and grow independent. These moments are heartwarming, memorable and something I treasure so much. 

Currently my three boys are aged between 7 and 10, and they're fast approaching the teenage years (pray for me!). My husband and I often discuss what the boys may do with their lives... though we never share these thoughts with the kids. It's important to us that they find their own path.

Whatever it may be, our greatest wish is that they're happy. Whether they become lawyers or engineers, labourers or garbage truck drivers. All that matters is their happiness. And what makes us happy is watching them grow - hopefully into good men. 

Right now as Mother Day approaches I'm more thankful than ever to have them in my life. Even though sometimes it can feel like we don't know which decision or direction is best. Or if we're stabbing in the dark.

Take our current conversation at home - deciding where the boys should go to high school. 

It's a decision that we're still processing and weighing up the options. But all I know is to make the best choice with the information we have at hand. As parents, that's all we can do. Try our best. And hope for the best. 

We've built a happy home and filled it with love. It's a place where our children can grow and develop. Where they can speak freely, learn about life, and experience success and failure. A life where they can be happy and healthy... even if not necessarily wealthy. 


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